Introducing Parse Server and the Database Migration Tool

Today, we are releasing two tools to help you transition your app from Parse to another service. With the announcement that Parse’s hosted service will be retired on January 28, 2017, we want to help share resources to make your migration as straightforward as possible. Parse Server, An Open-Source Parse API Server The open source Parse Server makes it possible to serve the Parse API from any infrastructure that can host Node.js applications. Parse Server provides a way for you to keep your application running without major changes in the client-side code, once you have your data in your own database. Our client SDKs now support changing the API server location to direct them to your own. This also lets you use the Parse client SDKs with entirely new applications that have no dependency on the Parse hosted services. Parse Server was built in Node.js and works with the Express web application framework. It can be added to existing web applications, or run by itself. Check out the server

Source: Introducing Parse Server and the Database Migration Tool