Ultrasonic networking on the web | Boris Smus

The phone in your pocket is an amazing, fluid, multi-functional tool. When it comes to talking to other devices, such as your TV or laptop, the user experience drops off sharply. Bill Buxton speaks eloquently on the subject, describing three stages of high tech evolution: Device works: feature completeness and stability Device flows: good user experience Many devices work together But connecting devices is a pain and we have been squarely at stage 2 since the release of the iPhone. There are many competing approaches to do this: Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, WiFi direct, discovery over the same local WiFi network, and many many others. This post is dedicated to attacking this problem from an unexpected angle: using ultrasound to broadcast and receive data between nearby devices. Best of all, the approach uses the Web Audio API, making it viable for pure web applications:

Source: Ultrasonic networking on the web | Boris Smus