Diff Cam Project

Diff Cam ProjectSome demos related to motion detection with JavaScript. If you like this stuff, check out diff-cam-engine.Twitter: @diffcamproject.Diff Cam Feed Web app that uses motion detection to take a snapshot when something moves, then uploads the image to Twitter. (repo)Simple Cam Very basic demo showing how to access the webcam. (repo)Image Diff Web app that accepts two images via drag-and-drop, then lets you diff them to see any pixels that are not the same. (repo)Diff Cam Example Watches a live stream from the webcam, showing a real-time motion heatmap with a score indicating how much motion is present. (repo)Turret Security A “security” demo that watches a live stream from the webcam, drawing a box around any motion it sees, with accompanying audio cues. Turret can be disabled by “hitting” it on screen. (repo)Spooky Bug Failed attempt at time-delayed motion sensing. Spooky results. This code is terrible, do not use as-is. (repo)

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